Your smart home: Heating

It goes without saying that energy efficiency in general should be a top priority during the winter. This includes things like ensuring your windows are properly insulated, and draft-proofing your house. However, an increasing problem people encounter is how to heat their homes in a green, efficient way.

Heating contributes to 31% of UK household emissions. If you own a gas boiler, you’re not alone – over 80% of the UK’s population has one installed in their home. Whilst gas boilers are more efficient than they were 20 years ago, they are not compatible with a net zero future. From 2025 new homes will not be allowed a gas boiler. This should drive a mass market deployment of zero carbon alternatives.

You might be considering using a wood burner because of its low CO2 emissions, and the cosy feeling it brings this time of year, but it’s actually dangerous for your health. Using a wood burner for just one hour is the equivalent of a new diesel car running for 18 hours. That’s a horrendous amount of pollution to be putting into our communities (and your lungs).

We’ve put together a list of green, smart, and cost-effective ways to heat your home:

Heat batteries – Sunamp

Sunamp enables you to install a Heat Battery that can work with your existing boiler and heat pump. The battery uses thermal energy to provide a clean, efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional cylinders. You can charge the battery during off-peak times, and once charged, it will release heat whenever you need it. Best of all, you could be looking at savings of up to 75% on your utility bills.

Air source heat pump – Boxergy

Boxergy provides air source heat pumps which can heat your home. The heat pump is installed outside your home, takes the cold air from outside and boosts it using a heat exchanger to create heat for your home. The heat pump requires electricity, but the amount of heat it produces is 2.5x more than that power it uses. That’s pretty good going compared to standard electric heating.

Ground source heat pump – Mixergy

This is a great option if you’ve already got an immersion heater. Unlike
conventional heaters that require you to heat all the water (which can take
several hours) in your tank, Mixergy has the ability to heat just the amount you need at any given time.

Infrared – Herschel

Herschel manufacture electric infrared heating panels which can be fitted
anywhere in your home. The panels not only heat the air, but also the walls and
floor so your whole room stays cozy.

Final thoughts

Whilst all the options mentioned are fantastic green alternatives to gas, you still need electricity to power the heat pumps and batteries. A perfect combination would be using a Sunamp battery, and Boxergy powered using electricity from Ripple’s wind farm to create the complete, zero-carbon home heating system.

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