Graig Fatha members are quids in

Over £16,000 saved already from people owned power!

Today is a huge milestone for our members – they’ve received their first bills savings from Graig Fatha wind farm. 

The 900 members of Graig Fatha have collectively saved an incredible £16,185 on their energy bills. For the first time UK electricity consumers’ bills have been cut as a direct result of them owning a bit of a wind farm. Ripple’s innovative ownership model is complete and proven.  This is a watershed moment in the electricity market. 

Despite being less than a full month’s generation, the average member saved over £17, with some saving over £100. 

We can’t wait to see what this figure is next month once we have a full month of generation.  

Sarah Merrick, our CEO, said: “Today is a big day for Ripple. We have proven that consumer ownership really works. We now have members getting real savings on their bills from their part of Graig Fatha.This is their turbine and they will be getting its low cost, green energy for the next 25 years. It’s a fantastic feeling. 

With energy prices continuing to sky rocket, now is the perfect time to own your own source of clean power. For those looking to take their energy security into their own hands, membership for Kirk Hill wind farm is still open. Offering you clean, affordable energy whilst helping protect you from future price shocks.”

On top of the member savings, almost £9,000 will go to help support families in fuel poverty thanks to the Welsh Government supported share of the turbine. That’s almost £9,000 helping those in need at a time when it is needed most. It is a privilege to be able to support these projects.

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