Climate Change Committee’s message is clear: We need to act now

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  • Make net zero a real priority
    • Don’t just talk the talk.The UK has lost the lead on delivering net zero due to a distinct lack of action over the last 10 years. In contrast, other countries have made real, substantial progress. We need to catch up now, or risk losing out forever.
  • Stop new oil, gas & coal
    • This one is simple. Everyone knows new oil, gas and coal can never be compatible with a net zero future. So act boldly. Stop all new oil and gas. Instead focus on renewables. Energy technologies that have actually got a bright future. 
  • Sort out heavy industry
    • We want heavy industry in this country. But it needs to be compatible with a net zero future. So we need to make it green. That means zero carbon steel – like the government promised they were going to do. Read more about zero carbon steel here. 
  • Sort out the planning system
    • Make the planning system deliver for Net Zero. The planning system is stopping new wind farms and solar parks being built. And the new grid lines needed to connect them too. The Government are in charge of the planning system – it needs a major overhaul to make it fit for Net Zero. There is overwhelming public support for new wind farms and solar parks, now we need to be allowed to build them. 
  • Plant trees + restore peat land use
    • Commitments to afforestation and peat restoration have been made but implementation is falling well behind the required pace. You can read a more detail analysis from Carbon Brief on how the UK’s land sector has currently become a source, rather than a sink, of carbon emissions 
  • Deploy more heat pumps
  • No net airport growth
    • New airports and extensions of existing airports increase emissions. The government need to ban expansions. And don’t allow any further expansions until decisions have been made about which ones are closing. 
  • Deploy existing tech
    • There is no technological “silver bullet” which will fix climate change. And the Government are wasting time waiting for one. The solutions exist already, now we just need to adopt them, faster.

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