The future of clean energy is fractional

Energy is all about scale. Bigger is better and massively cheaper. Large scale wind and solar are now the UK’s cheapest source of electricity. 

The problem household consumers face is that their individual consumption is tiny compared to what a large scale wind farm generates. They need to buy electricity off someone who owns a large wind farm. Or, if they want to own their own source of electricity, buy solar panels to put on their roof, but due their small scale that’s pretty expensive.

Step in Ripple.

Ripple is a fractional ownership platform for clean energy. We enable individual households to own a small fraction of a large scale wind farm and have the green, low cost electricity it generates supplied to their home. People can own as much or as little as they want, depending on how much low cost green clean electricity they need. The bigger the fraction they own, the more green electricity it will generate for them. And the more savings they will see on their electricity bill. And the more they will reduce their carbon footprint.

One of the many wonderful things about renewable energy is it can be owned fractionally very easily. You can’t own a bit of a coal or nuclear station, but you absolutely can own a bit of a wind farm or solar park. They’re simple to operate, with no fuel price risk. They generate zero-carbon electricity at a low and stable cost for their 25 year lifetime. Owning a bit of a wind farm gives consumers low and stable priced electricity for the long term. What’s not to love?

Making clean energy ownership affordable and accessible to everyone

Ripple’s mission is to make clean energy ownership affordable and accessible to everyone. Fractional ownership does this. Ripple’s platform brings together the critical mass of people needed to own large scale assets. This unlocks huge economies of scale for individuals for the first time ever. We estimate fractional ownership of a wind farm is around 65% cheaper than the equivalent cost of rooftop solar panels.

Ripple makes clean energy ownership easy and simple. We take care of everything, from sourcing the wind farms, to managing their construction and operation. With Ripple, anyone can own a bit of a wind farm.

Ripple partners with utilities who buy each customer’s fraction of the wind farm’s generation and supplies it to their home. For our first pilot wind farm we have partnered with Co-op Energy, powered by Octopus Energy. For later projects we plan to partner with multiple suppliers, giving our customers choice over which utility supplies their electricity from their wind farm to their home. Electricity is supplied via the grid to wherever the owners live. Ownership is completely portable. If you move home, your share of the wind farm’s electricity simply gets supplied to your new home.

Wind and solar are transforming the energy sector. Fractional ownership can transform how it’s owned.

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