Ripple shortlisted for New Horizons & Innovation Award at Inspiratia Awards 2021

Renewable energy platform Ripple has been shortlisted for the New Horizons & Innovation Award at the inaugural Inspiratia Energy & Sustainability Awards 2021.

This year will mark the very first edition of the Inspiratia Energy & Sustainability Awards, which will celebrate the achievements of pioneering companies and individuals within the industry, globally.

The New Horizons & Innovation accolade is awarded to true innovators, companies that are able to demonstrate new technologies, new business models or new ways of doing things amid a constantly shifting paradigm.  The judges are looking for those companies that have seen opportunity where few others have and are able to show that they are successfully ahead of the curve in terms of innovation, boldness of approach, results and market impact.

With the launch of the UK’s first consumer-owned wind farm this year, Ripple is a mould-breaking business working at the forefront of the renewable energy market.  Founded in 2017 by Sarah Merrick, Ripple is working to give individual households and businesses the power to combat climate change and to make living a low-carbon lifestyle easy and affordable through clean energy ownership.

With its unique proposition, Ripple develops and manages the construction of new large scale renewable energy projects whose ownership is then sold to consumers who take up membership in a managed co-operative.  Consumers then receive their electricity directly from the projects through their supply partner which for their first wind farm is Co-op Energy, powered by Octopus Energy.

Ripple’s trail-blazing vision was launched with the offer for customers to buy their share in their Graig Fatha wind farm, located in South Wales.  Shares in the co-operative that owns the wind farm, which will be fully operational this year, was bought by 900 customers whose electricity will be generated by the wind farm.

CEO Sarah Merrick says: “Ripple was founded with the sole purpose of putting the power to act on climate change in people’s hands and to enable them to create the clean energy future they want to see.

“We are focused on promoting green energy and helping the UK accelerate towards achieving the 2050 Net Zero target. We are  absolutely delighted to be nominated as a finalist at the inaugural Inspiratia Energy & Sustainability Awards.“

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