Graig Fatha officially fully sold out!

We’re thrilled to announce that Graig Fatha, the UK’s first wind farm to be owned by the customers it supplies, is officially fully sold out. All shares have been sold and it has been closed to new ownership. We were overwhelmed with the response and we reached capacity quicker than anticipated.

We are delighted to bring you some new images of our site build at Graig Fatha, where we’ve officially broken ground! It has taken many months of hard work to get here, but construction on site has finally begun. 

The build team have set up their welfare facilities and are building the track up the hill. Lots of historical mining activity in the area and a newly formed industrial estate have meant a number of pipes and cables have needed investigating, all of which have been dealt with capably by the build team. 

The turbine foundation is due to be formed in late August and the turbine is on track to be delivered in November.

We’ll bring you another update from site as activity ramps up, along with an exciting announcement on our second wind farm coming soon.

Check out out latest video from the site here

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