Graig Fatha members ‘blown away’ by high summer savings

Wow. What a month it has been for our Graig Fatha members. July has been the second best month yet for electricity generation, with a total of 708MWh, saving over a whopping 15,000kg of CO2 emissions. 

This is the equivalent to: 

What are Graig Fatha CO2 savings equivalent to*? 

This fantastic generation has also pushed the total electricity bill savings for Graig Fatha members to over half a million pounds! 

This generation of 708MWh is way over the predicted P50 value of 458MWh.  For those of you who need reminding, the P value indicates the confidence of exceeding a given generation level on average over a 10 year period. The P50 indicates the generation expected on average to be exceeded over 10 years with a 50% probability. It is the highest of the P values.  
The chart below shows Graig Fatha’s generation for the whole of 2023 in comparison to its generation estimates.   

Why did Graig Fatha have this high generation?

Whilst it’s great to celebrate Graig Fatha’s fantastic generation, it is important to acknowledge that this is highly unusual for this time of year. Whilst we can celebrate higher savings as a result, this unseasonal weather isn’t a great sign for the state of our planet.  
The current heatwave in Europe is being driven by a stationary high-pressure system located over the Iberian Peninsula – Spain, Portugal, Andorra and southern France. This system is bringing warm, dry air from North Africa into Europe, causing temperatures to soar.
Conversely, the UK is experiencing an unseasonal low-pressure system, bringing in cooler, more moist air from the Atlantic Ocean, preventing temperatures from rising as high as they are in Europe. This low pressure system is also bringing stronger winds than we usually see in the summer. 

What can we learn from Graig Fatha’s high performing July? 

Graig Fatha’s July generation shows us how effective wind power really is, and how renewables offer a strong and realistic alternative to fossil fuels. Graig Fatha is one of many renewable energy projects that has a tangible, real life impact on our overall carbon emissions where the benefits can be enjoyed by real, ordinary households. 
It also demonstrates the benefit of having a portfolio of different energy ownership projects. A great month for wind meant a poorer month for solar. Members who own a bit of both our wind farms and our solar parks will be able to benefit from year-round bill stabilisation. For detailed monthly updates on Graig Fatha, you can read our blog here.

In addition to Graig Fatha, Ripple members are personally taking positive action against climate change by enabling the development of our other two projects: Kirk Hill Wind Farm and Derril Water Solar Park. If you haven’t already joined the thousands powering their homes with their own , genuinely green electricity, reserve your space for our next project now.  

References for carbon equivalents

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